Manufacture laughters


forza. vero

ma daiiiiiiiiii

i meen world :)

Stand up! Wuy do we need such signs ? Is no longer only a mens Worms!

think ive been doing it wrong :/

aaa funny!!!

Where the hell can u find a sign like that I want it for my dog

thats right

thats extremly weird

ещё бы нарисовали что трахаться в туалете запрещено!!!

at least his ex is behind him

the 2nd ome amd the last one are funny


fish 4 my sushi I ate 2 days ago

i agree with k99


quick question....y would someone fish in a toilet? you'd only find crap and a dead goldfish

^ drugs are bad.

Sumting rong der how do pis if u cant stand its manky laws