Manufacture laughters

osama bin monkey xD

its like btd5

boom ahhhhhhhhhhhh


ist das echt.. eher ein fake omg

Cool I want one

Planet der Affen

oh u got me fair well world *falls to ground*

t this is hilarious

хаха умора

mankey sniper

monky buisness bitch

monkey business

someone stole my banana..... so I stole their machine gun.......... you will die soon!!!

oh ein Afrikaner

badass monkey

it's time for war

dun dun duuuuun

где же авганцы

de kan også. Tror jeg nok

Haha how did thay train the munkey to do that lol


and when the rifle kicks, he will get cut. (scope eye)


Got my shooter just in case Miami win

ei trccmafvq.eř

Monkey attack

run for your life

This is the missing link!

kill that Virginian man!

I'm gonna shoot y'all down and have mah own zombie apocalypse team DAMN IT

So not cool

ha ha ha ha

monkey*sob* ur my hero

coooollllll....... hahahah