Manufacture laughters

der arme roller

cerveja Bavária

they dog and cat me rollinz'

he's so fat

não e o john

they see u bouncing and eating all thay whant to is walk behind u

aaaaaaaa this song is every where


man is very fat..... so srry 4 u bike

Homen grade moto pequena

0 8 15 roller

lol I like it

der ist doch viel zu fett für den Roller

suck that fat arse

ihh was is den dat für ein fettsack. das ist doch nicht schön bahhhhh

das mopet bricht gleich zusammen

ich in 20 Jahren auf dem weg zur Arbeit.

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th that's great

ciccione sulla moto

fett fetter das bild

omg that fat guy is on a motercicle I fell bad for the motercicle

Hgcmchdjlifposguoovgydytyydhxhhfjfjhchich tourism your is cnn hfgk huh uyfrryueytd nj hyddudhovlpvfe

well, even if we pushed you off of the bike, we would still see you rolling... so...

he has a big butt and I can not lie

they see rollin the hatin

they me rollin they hatin

that is so unny

that guy is so fat

da geht noch ein Bürger.

nice choice baby

ha ha very funny

um that's scary

this picture

I can bearly see the bike.. lol..

I feel bad for that bike

holy cow he is fat

Holy shit dada got bih

i wonder when that bike will brake