Manufacture laughters

sumit kumar

это тупо

woops i tripped

he is meditating. mmmmm

Like a boss

lol funny bitches

Dude what that harts

ds bein actuallly provoked!

Hahaha it's funny

even upside down you look gay!!

bull dog brunch

i belive i can fly

לא הבנתי מה הקטע

xxxdfrrhjjk hghhhjkkkllllklllllllllb. bvvvvvbvvvvb bv. cc ggggfguhjikkklk. bnnb. bhfdzzcvvv

on the end he stuck in the ground

how did that end. did his horns break?

im a bull in the matrix

uhhhhhh I triped

And today in the curcus we have Bart the Bullllll

Look at my ballllllllllls

you are soooooo dead!!!!!

herr imr a pole

look at mee!!