Manufacture laughters

this sign is in Hooters

Sounds like my kinda place. I could sit there forever. I'm drooling imagining what its like.

geiler scheiß

I want to see the women

dann komme ich doch gerne ;-) XD o_O

perveted alittle i bet a man hung that sign


hey look batter ha

I like dat sign

free drinks , good

every store should say this

Wow perverted alittle?

that's a woman made that sign


ohhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

wie geil is das denn

why damnit isnt that bar in our town...

Lol! I'm positive that a man hung this sign..

i don't want to this bar iiiiiii restaurant?

I was at dat bar 1nce

I want to go to this

my friends want to be their wen women actually do it