Manufacture laughters

Superb inmofration here, ol'e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.


военная белка

que lindinho!!!

Esquilo no exercito

منجل الوطن

итпьрори итого

итпьрори итого

see thet you know thet

Juan camilo

Iii superrr

when am i going in

humor em portugues

ready for battle Italy

q graça tem isso

q graça tem isso

q graça tem isso

q graça tem isso

diogo luis

lol what fucking cute


this is crazy


I now give you a medal for defeati g the cat

que fofo!!!

yah!!!!! men!!!! where are the other troops?! \¤●¤/

that's too cute

this pic tho

I have to go take this to remember me

go ta Mac Donald's

army squirrel!!!!!

i will eat u if u touch my nuts ir my other nuts

a la gerra ardillana

trop bien fait

das bin ich

wüste app

he is going nuts the nuts will eat him

ohhh cute soldad...

what the heack what is that a weardow

Thats what Obama should use as our military instead of risking lives Oboma you suck!!!

I'm lovin it

chistosa hahaha

lol hope he comes back

Tough little shit!!!

hihi sussii

how the fuck is this animated

go go u in the...... in the ????

ванная белка

да пойдет

so cute I want one as a pet sadly mom says no as cat kills them dam

rens zie dit


awwwww. I'm in love. :)

what did I say no nutts in battle feild

приколы прикол

my sister in the air force

well thats kool

heres some grenads

army squirrel. what next

this is funny

Soooo? where is the preasent

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) jejr

awesome man

awesome man


my dad is in the army

Sooooo cute

esto es la guerra

Lets fight ass