Manufacture laughters


Uai! Que e isso?

whoa cool and funny!


this is real?

viu sassaninha

Traurig, so was zu fotografieren und nicht zu helfen!

What you think?

omg my pawn is on fire

I knew I shouldn't have tried to lift the Bar B Que with no thumbs

hot dog quem gosta o_O

haha fake man

cachorro fantasma

poke it out!

hot hot get water

oh sh** somebody help


Cachorro malabarista

chamem o bombeiro.

time to eat lol

my paws are in fire!

poor puppies

блин я же худоба

me ajude to pegando fogo

ahhh !! isu queimaaa

affs issu

this dog is on fire hahaha

to q to pegano fogo

imagem de time

hond in Brand

é fogo, fogo, fogo


olha so isso

fire. scares any thing

he is on fire

k bien sige aviendo subnormales en este mundo

ой ой огонь

eu to pegando fogo


hihihihihi LoL :)

I'M on fire =-O

Aaaaaaa ssooccoorroo a minha mão está queimando!

pegando fooooooogo !!!!!


kann doch immer mal passieren das die hände feuer fangen im park und anfangen zu brennen



Oh Gott aaaaaaaaaaa!

kik names please


матроль прптрмтм

that's funny

my doggy is fire

that is funny!!!


ааааааааааааа....! ГОРЯЧО!!!!

Feuer oho heiß

help on fire

gute Besserung

guau como quema

нихуя руки гарят пиздец

oh so funny

oh my "*/% $%_÷$_££$£_!!!!!!

omg muy hands are In fire

aahhhh fire bad!

this is what happened to me at 13



aaaaaaaaa me quemo alguien q me apague el fuego q estoy q me bailo

ого бедная собачка

ahhhhh meine hand

ooo ist das hofentlich animiert oder echtes feuer

gorim od srece

so frienkin funny

esta curada

hi daddy.

hot paws,hot paws.


mis manos están ardiendo

Feuer Feuer Feuer

he is like wtf am I on fire for

pegando fogo


kwehler reih

seit ihr dumm so was zu machen so was soll doch keiner mit euch mache

awww.. sad wonder if his name is hot dogg

nicht lustig not funny

da hängt ein penes

hahahaha :D

that is funny but poor puppy

hahahahahah geil

when you work all week and your check aint shit lol

omg look between the legs it is sooooooo BIG

huh my dog will not Evan do that

this is funny.

pore puppy

and that's why they call me hot hand

uuuu me quemo!!!!

have any of you guys noticed that his balls are hanging out?

аааааааааа огонь!!! Огонь???

Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!



ooooh hahaha

ooooh hahaha

photoschop alles fake

super funny lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

b tdbavslhb j x gkbngjfvgbvbgkgmh bgvjhlhhivn .b n kj gcy j bcac hnvvv jhvbhhhjjhjjhngkcvk kxsngl


please help

alter dsd me

حالشو ببر

I just had to stare at this for and laugh


hey lookat this

now that's funny

omg hilarious!!


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Feuer !!!!!!!!!

very funnyyyyy....hahahahahaaa....

very funnyyyyy....hahahahahaaa....

Er ist heiss

auuuuutttssscchhhhes tat sicher weh aber der hund ist sehr ssuuuuuuus

jajajaja q loko

Autsch!!! aber der hund is voll knuffig*-*

ahu das tut weh



не хуа хуа

me estoy quemando


SOS .___·

Não me põe no fogo


аааааааааааа огонь

aaaaaawwwww panaaassss

yay fire secret kangroo dog

ich mage hunde

hallo hhaha

look at his balls

Lets play hot potatoe

Now that's hilarious



pegando fogo.

Na könd ihr das


alter der ame hune

Poor dog I hate Hoover post this

flamme an!!!

guten Morgen

kammeeeeee kooooommmmeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaa!

koi to bacha lo

that dog is on fiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrreeeeee

u get that shir rigth

the dog hand is on frie!!!!!

HhhhahahahahahahahJah geil

that's mean

your wery fany kid

e dopo l'uomo torcia ecco il cane infuocato



this is my min pin

eeeeh fortaleza perdeu

сабака с агненыме мечями

собака в шоке

what does the dog say,"fire fire fire"

lolz look at that face

приколы с грудью


hahaha witzig

dat is hartstikke nep

hammer geil

cachorro quente

cachorro quente

hahahaha look at its face

dats horrible

this dog is on fireeeeee

so true. here is the dog thinking "OWTHATSHOT!!!" and im like"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

wow wow water here please

"Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder."

Water please

מה זה הדבר הזה?! זה ממש לא מצחיק

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Hilfe!!!!!! Feuer

omg wie geil

fire flame fir fire flame dog

u can follow me on instagram mfamily1204

Assio fire volt

The dog making fire his hand

hey this dog is on firrreeeee moohaha

the dog is magician

Flame dog`s hand



ghost rider

einfach cool

teri bhehnu c



The dog is on fire

faca ko da je sami pakao ugledo.gorimmmmm

sieuuu nhan

nhin ta sieu nhan chua dep choai vay mak ckag aj ju

Don't freak out

funny???Abusive!!!! u decide

Look at his weaner!

Hot dog there

The The dig is on firer...


лол грустный лол

this doh is on fire

wow! what is that?!

This dog is on fireeeeeeeeee, this dog is on fireeeeeeeeee!

This is the best. dog picture

I am fire man so kil me spider man

The dogs face HAHA

This dog is on fire!! Ohohohooo

uh hello people! yall really think this is real? bunch of dumb asses! the photo is fixed. wow!

so funny + the poor doggys hands+ is dat even a dog

u can see his penis

Das is ein Hot Dog

he's on fire

but it's still wrong

it's photoshop people

what the fuck ? -.-

and to deniel shum who posts these. go kill yourself. how the fuck do you find these funny???