Manufacture laughters

ta. ta. querene ta. querendo

nooo!! chi mi ha messo l'osso nei pantaloni

lol Associated

Kkkkkk ok ok eu vueo pare

o melhor amigo do homem.

as the fable says its not the bear u should look for its the dog

trying to climb

die jagd ist aus

Hallo musst du an meinem Hintern so hängen kauf dir selbst einen

dises mal wirt der mensch bestraft

my tree, you can't have it, i found it first

He got yo ass mr. post man

What the heLL

What the heLL


"whats that boy!" Good boy getting me evil brother

cessi auf dea jagd

чтото яишницой запахом

kill that spider

morta dell a clara

so you found the bone

help me please

k9 said"I told you, you sh*t your pants. Hold still and I'll help"

hope my k9 dosnt do that

oh mommy help my dog has rabies

don't bother the k9s