Manufacture laughters

te meto bala rum...


haha that's funny

dude......u are totally insane......

what the heck dude what is he thinking stupid !!!!!! LOL dude

i love it :-D

geht es dem noch ganz gut?

omg wie dumm der ist

etwas übertrieben

смешные истории

no the computer dont do it

...overboard dude...

Allta achtung

die zit wel erg in het spel!

Earth to person your not in the game

he is playing bf3 i love that game

i think he is playing call of duty

now that CALLED a war

zu süchtig :-o

maybe it is just a dummy. if it isn't IK LIKE THAT GUY

you a drunk dude

whats wrong with him

hes my new hero

hes my new hero

he took a little too serious

Thats good

now that is how u play on the pc!