Manufacture laughters

going on down

no more planes

that is CRAY CRAY!!

I wanna jump into that hole

I tried that once,but I ended up in my neighbours backyard,and in trouble.

sorry sorry

go there sorrt

if you bo thar you'll go through the melted corw and die simple as that

aha I I found it! china at last!

lool!!! New Chinese restrant

china the undergroung!! lolz

springt eure celine arfaoui

Ha ha ha lmfao

thats funny

was this hole made in china? hmm.

theres only one down

Better jump

I dug it giv il da cred 2 me

now you can go to china faster

damn I can sleep for 4 centries

can i find a hole in china that can fall to america?

So awesome

i tried this in a sandbox when i was younger. it did'nt work :(

oh my god how did they do it??

I fell in... and I am still falling... as I type

that is where china exactly located.