Manufacture laughters

휴대폰 빌딩

what would happen if everyone had that phone


wie kann man es ein packen

that might happen

I wish this was real

das ist meins

also......4 bars yay!

also tallest tower jeeez

this might actually happen

burj iphone!!

kaisa h pammy sir

bisschen zu klein


what u think abt tall mobile like that

how would u fit that in your pocket!??!!!!?!?

that's cool

itna bada l....


that will probably true in a few years

ok i need a ladder and balls the size of beach balls lol

How,will i carry that

I'm goin to make an app that only English people can use

dude I know! im goin to maj

in English!

auf jeden!!

so sieht aus

Iphone tertinggi di dunia