Manufacture laughters

i am getting your atten by this comment °^°

yay hahaha;-)

papinha rum

baby I'm you biht you gun its water balloon I'm not mi dead biht

marco su what app

hahahaha lol

cbchyvjhghfhvhhhcbh. fughe. hvngvhggvhvbv

that is a good one

what the fuck is this kid say in I would be like really really I don't think so no

soo sjocking


só observando vcs só observando vcs

I'm dead he is dead serious look at his face

little bitch

che bella questa

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

I think all kids say this. lol

oh i like that

lol cantbstop laughing

cra to the z

чего ты

dein echter name ist nicht mom?!

león es campeón jaja


I dont get dis derp

to this is funny

talk about eyebrow dance

tengo monos en la car?


тугу коро5ун

gud after noon friends...

haha who are you then


Hey wie geil ist das ... echt ohne worte ... gruß isi

lol I love when they discover this, it's foooooo cute!!

hay..schau mal ...ohne Worte...hihi .....gruss marci

I think yourself is the mom

Zie hem kijken zoow cute

that's what I thought


lol that's toooooo funny

you're kidding me!

thats fucked up


Lol : ) funny

Um, isn't that my bear in your hands?

ohhhh so cute

Omg that is so cute

hahahahahaha hihihihihi is soooo funny !!:D:D:D

ich bin n Mädel und kein junge und schreibe lol xddddd

you meant to tell me your real name isn't mom

hahahahahahahahahaha so super arious lol lmaof

namek ngakak

i thought my moms name was mom to! when i noticed her real name im like o.0 waaaat?

I think he needs a bub

I love. this picture

this is too cute

guck mich nicht an


thats funny

quem nao tem dinheiro e primo primeiro do negueba kkk

jjjjj mira rubio como tu te salio ati jjjkj como su padre criss