Manufacture laughters

so adorable

new dog nip

so cute,he is like a litte kitty

Hunde kann ja auch mal kalt sein


all right gurlfrends!got meh boots and hat! lets go SHOPPING

he should be. in the army

собака в валенках

lol so cute

russian army. k9

he is so funny

Ваиаку ГОУ ГОУ

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) gooooo

voll süß der kleine

listo pa la nieve

he is warm now XD

thats a funny foto :'D

Mir ist Kalt ^0^

איזה חמוד אבל מיסכן קר לו

Хахахахахаххахахахаххаах супер Клёва

mucho. frío. amigos

that looks like my dog

zzzzzz i sleep when it outside is cold... brrrrew

der ist aber böse

It's cold and boring

aww poor dog

me to chalaaaa.....