Manufacture laughters

They look exactly the same. but seriously. mohawks?

you're doing it wrong

ok das ist =-O

kenn ich schon

waren die high, als die das letzte ma zum friseure sin, oder was??!

die freunde lachen sie aus trotzdem cool

that's the 1 way to no wuich won is which

Are you fuck??

one direction

was steht da?

Weird but funny :-)

Will mom ever be able to tell them apart without mohawk #'s?

rude and my name is morgan

ehm ok !! ... thats ....

das war bei Galileo Big picture

oh I thought this was a search bar

how to tell the differences hahaha

1 has a mohawk, the rest look weird.

number one is normal XD

so lautet mein pin lol

Ab morgen jeder von Euch Marco!