Manufacture laughters

shark b like "I'm Jaws now SON!!!"

whe just want to lose him

no down down down we don't need him

that is a fake

го го го йооохоооо кусай бля не хуй баловаться

down never up down you bit*h

oh shit lol

Перевод на русский

oops clip of toung Down please

if today was your last day...

Jgjg uh toxic goj

jump you idiot then reclimb the ladder how hard could this be?

aasman se tpka khajur pe atka

Sharky Burton on a Bad Moment!!

this man can See the cock of a shark

that's funny..

omg gruselischh

no just go down it's Philip he's ok

cool or what are they supposed to explain him being eaten by a shark while technically on a helicopter?

down down down down down down

here fishy..fishy..fishy

if today was your last day....