Manufacture laughters

Um estranho no ninho

hiding from kfc

verrrrrrrry goooooooooddddddd

im not notist yet

wannabe chicken

이상한 닭

völlig bescheuert

sau unnötig!!!!!!!

You will never be one of us! Give it up Joe!

he blends in perfectly

the chichen is so fake

thats cute real cute

he is so stealth

love can find their way

bela. emajem

All I gotta say is he's sure blends in

he wishes he was one

Oiate galo veio! Kkkkk

really chicken jealous SHOULD I SAY

franga frangalos

he's the cock of the water walk.

schlaues kerlchen

Can I do it


am guessimg the chicken retired has being a chicken and moved on to do somthing new?

he's the cock of the water walk.