Manufacture laughters

на зависть завистником

а если вместе

dog are bald

Cute aren't we!

that look so ugly after he got a shower

I don't see much difference between the top bottom... bacuz you guess why

Wir wünschen Euch nen schönen Sonntag ! Liebe Grüße Elisa Jens&Doreen

that is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

you should see my dog

soft softer softies

it is so adorable

ist das nicht knuffig?


oohhh soo sweet......omg that's a monster

echt lustig

did one of the dogs eat the dove soap in the backround because I dont see it in the bottom pic

the pic is hilarious but the top one is cute

that's horrible

My dog aways look like that in the shower

owww cute hahaha

прикольно азазаз

HeHe Funny Dogs:)..


nicola e francesca

nicola e francesca

really good

now thats a real funny post looool

Links Monty

i liked. but the first picture

que cambiooooo!!!

Привет всем

ставлю 5 очень смішно

vad söta hundar jag vill ha dem


I know right

the after picture makes them look like wet rats

cute I like other side god I want one

Oh My God sooooo funny

funnnny lol

I lovev it

Dang cute then ugly

what happend to us

this is befour exams and then after exams

как дела

привет всем

so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awwwwww i like the one on the left

Nss q dó kkkkkkkkk sqñ

puppies these days

the one on the left was like "what u gonna do punk" after the bath he was like "da fuk man"

son los dobles jajaja

och wie sueß

there's a reason dogs like water:-)



thats y I got a german shepard because they never look like that

ich liebe es. obwohl ich keine hunde mag. ..

this is max


how'd the dove in the background get there

before: cute dogs after: skinny lookin dogs

Aww!! Scrubby Dubby Doggies