Manufacture laughters

lol wow that is so funny

heheheh HEY GET THAT LADY SHE BOUGHT WHAT I WANTED......wee ooo wee ooo.....

that a big buget and the police could get urested

I'm calling the fbi

hey please be my sister

I want one of those saying "AppleJack"

we have runer

англичани сосунки

rvhfgegegrg fbfyygsghjl gksux

wow everybody run its the police u better be able to run 5miles per hour

Pega ladrão

stop playin lol

wow. hahaha

you cant catch me

haha police

can you get something better

Lol its the popo

lol its funny

gonna happen pretty soon

i want one of these ;-)

I would have loved to see that

nenor coming througg

rollback sign in the back clearly says walmart lol

Food 4 less

Can you tell where they are?