Manufacture laughters

That's so funny hahahahhaha

Well speaking of polite GEEZ!!!

that is not polite and who ever said that is funny... whatch out!!!!!!

haha go fuck yourself


lol be polite everyone!!!!!!

Pnm94 I know a guy named fernando

Thats not polite

Thats a mean sighn:(:)

i wish i cod fuck myself

I am nine get that away from me

hahaa that was funny *-*

I am Fernando

I dont want to

Fuck Me Fernando

This reminds me of my husband...

real nice.huh

ha . go fuck yo self

best joke ever lol lol lol. :-D

uuuuhhhhh okay

kiss my ass...

dam hella funny....

bam hahaha rofl

only if u could fuck yourself