Manufacture laughters

fofos e doidos

wow that is so mean

cachorro pinguso e foda só no acredito

this will be me by tomorrow

beberam demais

life is not the best way to do it for a dog


lol so cute

they are so funny lol

there a bit young for dat ...hahaha

кайф этим шо кайф этим собакам

Das kommt davon wenn man zu lange Silvester feiert

Das kommt davon wenn man Silvester so lange feiert

Das kommt davon wenn man zu lange Silvester feiert

the baby dogs drinking so man AS baby

were drunk how are we going to get home now

ho!!!! feriadão...

ajj ami mal chara karo nay.

das nist fut

Ooh! i think that they were so happy last night.eng,someone get job.

rough night

Cani ubriachi

it's friday?! whatever... lol




omg the dogs are freaking drunk


omg thats too funny

Partied to much last night

bebie demais

i sin cjocs

die armen hunde

Upside down

they got a hangover

хорошего гуляния

хорошего гуляния

желаю хорошего гуляния

estan llevados. de la perra. k19

esses são bons

sex,drugs and rock'rol

минздрав предупреждает

איזה חמודים

coma alcolico canino kkkk

soooooo cute!!!!! poor pups when they wake up they Will be cluuuleeess!!!!!

they're gonna need a liver transplant by the time their 5 years old

che vita da cani

بمبنلمثتكلتصخلتص ثنبمصتبخثننبنب تبمينلنينبإ تبنثةب

Naveen Bisla

יא איזה חמודים

aww drunk puppies

oh no drunk puppies!

betrunkene hunde

nalasing c tontiks! :-)

oooooo i dont feel right

wow! what a nite

meus cachorros

Holy cow what a night

try black velvet

not good feature

sweet puppies

einer aus gronau da

haha do you like this picture?

ta pensando que cachaça é agua ..?

aww cute drunk puppies :)

tonight we drink until drunk again baby ko?

too funny to cute!

i really hope they are not drunk..its cute pic but if they are thats cruel