Manufacture laughters

Esse gosta ate na pele!!

So that's why

মামা খাওয়া কিন্তু মিস করবানা

itna mota kaisa

Deepak Puja

morto de fome

big mac o tacos???

d2.. mm ./ýn mn mi

kkkkkk w esse gosta

есть , есть и ещераз есть

nas costas tem tatuado Ita Lanches e Central Lanches.

has to eat more

this guy must love food

wtf he has the pic of all food restaurant's on there idiot



that dude has probs

Guten Hunger

haha lol *taco bell*

That is where they get by here meat

Haha..nice tats


Haha he is loving it

uuu q gordo q asco

haha MC und Burgrrking

I am not fat I'm sick

I am not fat I am sexy

its not any of dah fast food joints fault its dah ppls fault how they turn out

This is disgusting!!

oh mein got

schmeckt S?

u can see subway is kinda faded away because it's healthy food

that Guy is freaking fat! no wonder

das es immer die seuchen leute sin

fuckin fat and mc danalad fault

that's sooo fd up really

not much to say but....theres a whale and he's been checkin you out.


the tattoos sas enough