Manufacture laughters

she was all talking on the phone and the bam she is like a super hero or something

não falo em inglês arrumem para português

oh my jesus

das war knapp

how she know about the car she is on her phone

giello das ist geill

Wow so Suprizeing

I think she was just trying to push him out of her way

I wish I could. Do that

Cool but i think that was for a comercial

wow epicness

that was planed u saw that girl push the man

she different

Is this for real???

wow you saved my life. how can I ever repay you?

hah!!! that guy is lucky

People need to learn how to speak proper English... really.

really how she did know

that stupid guy. he's lucky she was there

lucky she's not a blonde

how did she know that was coming

that was awesome