Manufacture laughters

jk funniest s**t ever

that is so sad

haha very beautiful

He's a sumo wrestler

gib mal deine whats app nummer

was hat der big mac da gemacht babys ertrinken und die menschen werdeb krank

que fera, kkkk vamos nos cuidar mais


What kind of people would do that

That is sooooo jacketed up....

loose some weight dude


that's not fucking funny that's just mean


wow did this just happen in murica

خیلی بد یود

he has moobs

he's got man boobs

boogie2988 lol

in wirklichkeit wäre das eine katastrophe

exploded bomb

omg thats splashing koboom

חחח קורע מצחוק like

loose some weight lad!!!

FLOOD!! loose some weight guy