Manufacture laughters

اه اه اه اه اه



that is funny


its smile dog!


hey dog are you drinking again?

the dog is linke a horse-face

now that is what I call CREEPY!!

im laughing hard

I each this a hundred times :-) :-) and still laugh:-) :-)

I wachedvthis 30 times and still lagh

hahahh so funny

he has no taste in women

Owner & pretty look alike !

Like wenn ihr das auch so findet. :@

Like owner like dog

thank you very much

Dani bei wem bist du denn da?

Gorgeous weimarana

that is tucking weird

What the fuck is the dog taking

that is like soooooo weird but spooling funny I like it lol :)

dog chasing cat

holy shit!!! * falls out of chair*