Manufacture laughters

is dat annie from lol?

This is fucking hilarious

с нашей школы крышу снесли... да прям офигетья

like you did hhhh

omg I laughed my head off

were was she at the time

that's rong


thats well tight

bad advert 4 kids!!

that is terrible that's not funny

thts fucked up

the dum ass who made dis picture go to hell

i would beet da shit out of dis girl

lolx what a devil child

Not funny punk that made this picture!!!

mean little girl.

you are so bad devil

Crazy white people!!!

Hello suck me

Go to hell please

Kjo je ti pasi te denoi mami dhe kjo eshte arsyeja qe nuk banoni me ne F.Kruje.

thats scary

look at the devil child

I will no just kidding

heh good one

not funny just sad

:(, that is freaken ugly rude

little girl arsonists

Little boy with newspaper

revenge is the best policy

they said calm down I said go to hell

And they are always white

hey dats my sis i was send to da nut house becuz of her

wow! talking bout rude!

lol awesome

wtf she is fucking ugly

Look its just a joke dam

be warned ill posters or ye shalt be sacrificed to Satan whoa hahahahahaha!

sory wegen den granaten wurf hahahahihihi


Es gibt schon harte Kinder

this is horrible who ever posted this u need to go to u know what

valei mimha nossa semhora

jaja que adooorable nina

omg funniest thing ever. THIS IS LIKE TOTALLY MY LIL SISTER

dafuq did i just read

new breed of demon children.

that is so dumb whoever posted this one

i think that is so rude

i think this is rude