Manufacture laughters

You have more useful info than the British had colonies prII-WWe.


they should not

lol I wish my mom would think like that

hilarious, I wishmy mom was that stupid

WTF=What The Fuck STFU=Shut The Fuck Up BTW=By The Way, This for all the moms out there :) :| :) :|

moms should not text if they do not know what WTF means

Yea,dont text

Whats is her funny

its true some moms shouldent

moms shouldn't text

No they sould not

wtf that is not wat it means.

who the hell doea not know what wtf means. its so obvious. :P well for some people.

It means wheres the food lol

Omg so so funny

u guys are f*cking stupid

nt6zw*** we know bitch fuck u

wow them people who siad what wtf means thinks there cool there probly not allowed to say fuck

fuck you bitches

it means what the f*ck

Hella funny

no it means. what. the. fuck.

no it.means what the fuck

Wtf means what the fuck