Manufacture laughters

that fuckin is not true at all

Умиреть не встать!

foto do chiquititas

might be rich but u act @ look like jackass's

I have a cat you mother fucker and I have a horse

Yes, yes they are

lol then I'm poor lol I'm just jokeing

horses are just Peace of shit!!!

was soll das werden!

alter das ist doch nicht witzig

Wow!! very funny


their twins and have the same teeth

wer hat das bild gemacht du oder das pferd ?

it s bad!!!!!!!!

das ist ein Pferd und das eine frau

lol sharing a joke le ur best frnd

Wow nooooooo

samidul sk

вот это смех

Veja e não ria

Qué gracioso!!!

un buon giorno con allegria

y u bj un j u bume mme r t me top me top

woooord Lmaooo

voll !!!!! sind beide hässlich

their twins!!

i am very hapy

beide hässlich

I didn't think it was that funny


twin brothers

this look like great 2 horses

Wat you BITCHES babling bout, lol

no there not

two nags laughing, funny!