Manufacture laughters

he won't need gass for awial

thats stupid and shit

neee... alte Leute an Steuer das wird teuer... :) :-) ;) ;-) :D

Frauen am Steuer ,dass wird teuer

paraziy kakou c zapravki sbegal

dahs bein in a hurry means

wtf the car has a dick

ha ha ha ha ha ha

where can you get gas on the go??

qqmpqt wles. Ong gg

Gas pump what don't people steal

like a boss

that looks like out side my school :/

I wonder if this proves my theory that having your car on while getting gas won't make it blow up.

definitely a man driver lol

talk about his or her free gas

Omg hope u payed lol

xche la donna avrebbe dato il tempo mentre metteva il rosetto