Manufacture laughters

Alles austeigen

на нахуй куда смотрит

that is weird?

hey mom im home from school

what the world was that bus driver drinking last night

Thanks for the ride

do you if shake your s3 phone you'll get random picture

schools out

Hi mom I'm home from school

hi mom im home from school

i dont think that these are the people that should be driving a school bus

driver must have been old korean lady

во дают

Mom im home had a great day and I drove the bus see

woset felow

I didn't know that the school is in my home

its so not funny

I only had to take to steps from the bus to me room best day ever

oops drinking drunk

bus driver new to the job?


bus construtor

dam drivers

kids bus is here!

bad driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've heard of park your ass but not your bus lol

I said in front of my house not in my house

bushalte??? ik zweer je dat die .....