Manufacture laughters

she looks like my dog precious she is a yorkie too

yeah all sweet, but then he jumps art u and starts snipping like my puppy did Lola suckerz

soo adorbs

cutest little puppy in the world

Cutenessoverload...*pukes rainbows*

but he is cute

is that a really small dog or just an big rat

really small dog omg!!!!


cute... VERY cute! bless

omg wie süüß

Yorkshire Terrier its a toy one a cute one :-)

6dj2k*** the dog is a short fur yorkie

she looks like my dog zeoy. zeoy is a yorkie too


awww I want one of those

aww soo cute

Aww how cute and tiny

der hund so Klein

Ahhhhhh so tiny!!!!!!!!

aww so cute

what the Ruck

der hund so klein

Omg actualy thinj this is my friends dog looks luke her sofa too! Xxx

Just always wanted a lap baby!! This would just do it!! Do owners know what they got?? Love it!!


What type of dog is that?I want one!

ok kleiner gehts nicht ich würde den nicht sehen und dann draufsetzen :-D

toi tiny cutesy

is it cute or what

ooooo wie klein