Manufacture laughters

what purt animal ΔΔΔ

aaww poor cute puppy


aawwww porr little doogg

der arme kleiner hund

ih love Gustavo Henrrique

белняжка убилась

Hey look my dog could be drowning lets FREAKIN VIDEO IT SHALL WE!!!

Fuk dat puppu

I hope that puppy didn't get hurt.

wtf that dog rest in peace

haha that's so cute

hahaha funny

it is world's funnyest video

soooooooo funny hahhah :-P:-P:-P:-P

Awwwwwww :c

davon wird meiner hart

well, we know where he won't be later on in life

that is to funny

Poor puppy!!!!!

awww poor puppy

That's horrible

Kleiner Mops

wats ur problem poor dog

funny video

Der kleine muss aufpassen

dat so funny


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pore puppy

The craziest thing I have seen in the animal animations!! But cute too!!

I am sick of this... I'm only trying to view the pic...

son muy cortos, y déficil d cargar


ahhhrrr so cute

блин это нечто оооооо

lassie will not be helping anyone no more