Manufacture laughters

exato e xato noa ten nada ter gente nada ver kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

imagens engra├žados de gatinhos

hahahaha lol

pw vei massa......kkkkj

wtf wtf wtf

wow eeeeeeee

they are like the witch of the west: they can take all this other shit, but water will be their demise.

Hahaha haha haha ah

so they have to Close for rain but not for zombies. weird!!!!!!!!

must be from arizona

aka spiting

whaz tehe fuck is ignorant to say

lustige Sachen

Fuck we.did it have to be rain whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I hate rebukes.

What the fuck this is ignorant to say.

deze app is boring

school fuuu

wow lol zombies xD

this reason for why the democrat convition had to move

Funny shit

Well u know they r Democrats


your scared of a little rain! me to

This is for Candid

ohh soooooo cute

ohh soooooo cute

republicans? really? ignorant.