Manufacture laughters

Don't mess with my Batmobile

yo batman a d have you joker

ты лох

ich mage kaken

we must hurry (4 hours later)

The time that he gets there joker will already kill people

Fatman to the rescue!

batman want wrong

wtf...also das... :/

to Do on monday

fat batman batman wants his body back because he thinks u not good looking for the new batman

lol fatass its gonba take ur ass 10 hours to savw a life

batman want wrong

its time to roll

Wat the fuck

that would be a bad Batman wouldn't want him to save my life

animal laugh at kid

ya he arreglado la motillo..jaja


los tiempos nunca cambian

allways be yourself ...unless you can be batman ...then be batman :)

ya, Gotham needs you for what ?

Lol I like what chg3n said

Thats so yummy

you are just runing childhood memeries!!!!!!

byeshbah emayetkon

batman must have been new to mcdonalds lol

Is that stick in the trunk your strap on dick or your weapon.

forgot the batmobile idiot

what happened to his kate

Thats not rite dont talk about him man

yeah Gotham needs you... to lose a few hundred pounds!!!

what the hell! damn

funniest shit ever

Hyvää viikonloppua...

Batman lost to Mcdonald's.

fatman where's sloben.

voy a pedir mis dulces ya vengo

I'll get away on the fatmobile