Manufacture laughters

i play football

when i lose my phone

what the fuck

Or chase a invisible mouse

I think she's trying to smooth the bed

meu amozinho

what in the world

i called the bed first!

doug dubstep

It looks like a fluffy pillow

hey wou1n***, that's really funny =)

just making the bed

just making the bed

Cat: OCD... kicking in.... must.... FLATTEN SHEETS!

Cat be like "can't find my nip" smh

makin the bed

kitty:"i need one of these!"

damn kids never make their beds right. I'll just straighten it up real quick before mom sees it!

I wasn't really laying here...

that was ass

If that cat was any whiter, it would look like floating eyes.

donde estaz?

obviously a perrrrrrfect kitty.

testing a new dance move

Neater than some falks I know

Just stretching the sheets!

a little bit farther, yeah purrrrrrfect