Manufacture laughters

what in the world

this video goes with the song talk dirty to me lol

f****** s*** bug eyed pug

look like someone draged the dog to the camera

мвац&-&+%+&-%(%(=$((#>< $уоулыр

his eyeballs are almost popping out

o my gosh il fait peu

awww wie niedlich

soooooooooooooooo funny

say it 2 my face!! 0

imagem engracadas



what u looking at and it better not be me

go away am warninf toy my freind is a bullmastif year you go run to your mum

what up aweryyour camera

jsja esta muy grasioso

Dog be like "you say something" lmao

I'm watching it over and over again wondering how just how this is happening

sweet und omg der mavht ja einem angst

Thats one fat pug.


aww those dogs creep me out

lol I cant stop laughing

that is super scaru

I kinda surprise when the dog get closer into the camera... wkwkwkwk

what focking scared

bahahaha i laughed so hard when i looked at this

The Exorcism


I say..I talking to me??

Omg too cute

fu*king scary


dude this is funny