Manufacture laughters

jesus is awsome so the people who deosnt love god your lucky your alive

that is wrong ideya jesus not like this bad guy !!!!!

its just a joke! learn 2 laff sumtimes! I Be BLACK

ya that's not that funny at akl

making fun of yhe bible meany

that's nort funny...akward..

WOW what's up with this guy

ya in your dreams

jeasus is real

that racist! im muslim...and we hate jesus cuz hes fake...we respect to isa a.s

guys calm the fuck down dont get all butthurt

keep calm, guys!

I am Muslim and we follow Allah so I could put my foot up you ass for doing that

not funny bicth!

that's not appropriate

yeah yeah who wants to part with Jesus

sai dai cara deixa de bobeira

its black Jesus ( dark lord)

i am a muslim and this is very shamful..making fun of prophets is not funny nor accepptable

this is not funny-.- this is "LEBBSCH" in German.


ahhhh look at all the stupid sheeple! it is too funny you bible thumping sister loving hippochristians!

that's not right he got no 'respect

that's not even close 2 funny

Muslims love Jesus and respect him more than you. This truth

tht is not funny

es una pendejeda no tiene nada de gracioso