Manufacture laughters

child abused by mother's butt


stupid mom!

خاک بر سر گنده بگ

der arme junge ey :$

tra la bici o i bimba non vorrei essere la bici voi?

They see me rolling

1 fart and R.I.P little girl

lass dir helfen

das arme baby

oh poor kid

what happens if she farts

haha, where's my kid?

no te canses

of course they hatin

I feel sorry for that kid poor kid

armes Kind!

what if the mom farted

w. € %#{%{}{}{

Poor kid...well, we will really hope she didn't eat something bad...


Jesus Christ I think that girl is having a fun time in the jungle

omg if she went to pole dance I would feel sorry for the pole just like I feel sorry for that girl

soll mal abnehmen!

sorry for the kid at the other end of that

Omg poor kid!!! :-)

Poor child...

That child cant move

yesica y made

Soo Fett ^0^


as long as she cleans the f***

trauma dla dzieCka...


hun bliver kvalt


omg! she gonna hurt the baby! one bump and the baby done for...smh

die zerquetscht das kind!!!

mom I cant breath

poor kid o_O

Oh mein gott

"mom. there's just one little thing on my mind..I CAN'T BREATH!! D::

good girl! she's trying!!

eeeewwwwww fermunda cheese for all the babiez

lol ladki ko gas ke Karen kya hal hota hoga

tryin to catch me.,ridin dirty.,;)

omg that poor kid

is she serious!!

Keep on riding

keep rollin rollin rollin

poor kid awwwwwwwwwwweeewweeewwwwwwwwwww

dicke Mama

bacha lo moti to

das arme kind

ohhh mein gott

Look at her

das mae kind habd ich net gesehen

fett oder was

poor child

she's gonna kill her

i would hate to be her husband

what ever you do mom dont fart

I'd hate to be that bike

bad mom lose some weight your killing your baby

that isn't right

awww poor poor child

mommy are we at the booty store because their is a booty in my face ma

where was this taken please I think may be my dauther

poor little girl

i don't want to be this child

lol to funny

the wee girl is trying to get up her ass

I would hate to be the kid on that bicycle

In order to lose weight, you must first suffocate your kids with your fat ass

Why is that fat women on that bike she knows she wants a donut in stead

mom plzz be smaller than you are


LOL.....Someone Please ! ! call Child Protective Quick ! !

This is a shame

careful bb,

LOL!!! Her fat ass straight gone smother her luh ass.... Hella Sad

OMG the baby is about to certificate

hahaha wieso muss das Kind darunter leiden

all I can say is wow

help i can't breathe!!


lekkere mama


pour kid mom needs to lose wait



poor kid...

das arme Fahrrad

das arme kind

another reason to lose weight fratracide

lhkhlhkhlh mamposss

tu sra no es