Manufacture laughters


Who is going back to school...

stpo... hmm doed that mean go? jk I playing dum

Shut The Power Off

that road is very dangerous. who now if he must stop or stpo

hanno sbagliato.... capita

Stupid people

???????????????? Of course go. Wat

I guess they didn't make it in the spelling bee contest .

I bet you the idiots on the roas won't get it.

so disappointed

the cops r gonna say u didnt stpo and ill be like huh??

STPO... yep, I'll do it

That person cant spell. what a idiot.

I feel bad for that person

pmsl thts class ;-) Its almost txn summed up for nxt generation lol !!!

hey u 21l pb ur stupid

lol I think the person who did that was either high or drunk

epic fail oh wait i meant ecip fali

Thats stop spelled in another language

Thats stop spelled in another language


shut the piss off ?

police ron do it

lol blondie

is that for real?

who cant spell spto not me

Some people are just to smart for this world

who lol srry

what the fuck that person eho wrote that must be retarded


wow that's stupid

ha good one mj3yx

the person who did that.

What kind of peirson cant spell stop

and i thort i was bad at spellin


who can't spell sotp i mean stop

Lol duh!!!



what kind of a person can't spell stop