Manufacture laughters

dats scary!

that's funny i wish go up to it and knowk it off the wall

Get over it ALREADY!!!!!

i do that 2 lol

Obama is a. fag

tbatn right boy cry Obama is going to kill you

pobre. Mascara la andan gritando

This is a bad dream

This is a bad dream

-.- Why? WHY?

das arme kind!!!!!

. I would cry too :( :_(

racist ppl but I fell the little Guy XD

yep me shopping

fucking shit

einfach geil

what the f#^*

Lady behind is like wtf lol

Mask probably scared of baby too. Haha

every baby's worst night mirror


Fuck Obama

I'm scared of her to. he still haven't fixd da contree

oww he dont loves obama !!! :-)

obama maske haha

No they didnt sdfu

they killed barak obama

오바마 대통령얼굴보고 놀라네~ㅋㅋ미국엔 저런것도있구나~:D

Obama Obama who did that shit?

khzv4*** SHUT UP

it is funny but don't offend obama

its prob kuz he has no eyes

I shat bricks

o louco meu

my whole fam voted for Obama

Thats mest up

she voted for Romney obviously

that's mested up

Scared of blacks.

Obama haha thats rite u should always trust a baby

That's exactly how i felt this last election!!!!

I think that girl in the back is my friend Camden

its David obama

Run run ha :)

obama sucks

obama is a good man.

fuck you white baby

I know yahoo he scares

Obama is a queer

well you know who to not vote for

ga niet spotten met obama dan "stoertjes"

ahhh someone took my face yours sincerly b obama

He does not look scary

барак обама аймар

i hate you, you killed my dad

oh shit bracko boma

A alegria da crianca c/ a vitoria de baracobamakkkkk

why did it have to be Obama's face. Real racism.

no ur stupid

poor kid stupid Obama mask

I think that girl in the backround is my friend camden