Manufacture laughters

loooooooooooooool. that kids dead

Should've just denied it

kenn ich schon

that is funny

who doesn't have a porn collection

shouldn't have said any thing

busted punk

почему прога не на русском сцук

OMG that so fuckin funny

hahaha busted

Hahaha busted



omg so true

haha i hace porn lol

its an epic fail

I'd say what the r u talking about then go home and give it to some poor guy

that must be trouble

I have my mom as lifegiver and my dad life giver numero dos

hah busted :b

q paso amor

i want to see his mother

cartoon pictures

HVAC gg BBC gg DVD SF gggggg

uh oh.....bit weird tho

the apple don't fall far from the tree.