Manufacture laughters

That dog has some long legs

I want a big dog

richtig lol

zu deutsch: Sie sagten mir, dass sie einen Hund mit nach Hause bringen, und kein PFERD!!!!:-))))

i like this doog

OMG!!!!!! so cute

todo cambia y yo te amo cada dia mas


Nobody is perfect miss cat!

nee giddy up

querrá pelear el gato?;-|)

Hahaha lol hahaha lol That just made my day There's nothing like a cat expecting a dog more than a horse

mom told me we are not bring a horror dog help

ah se eu soubesse ler englês

вкусная хозяйка

toinkz hahaha :)

lol so cute

that's how I feel when I am around big peeps

wow he's big

G jjjjnj okk

Jh vg jghji

haha stupid cat:-D

that is a tall dog

é isso ai ó!!!

ye Harama tiger

ye hamra tiger