Manufacture laughters

pobre tigre

pussy tigar aleart

Scared the crap out of the tiger

why is its tail docked?

não e pintinha e perito

so funny kkkkkkkkkkk

cant balance him self because of his tail

Der Tger tut mir aber echt leid. Der Arme hat ja noch nichtmahl eine Schwänzchen.

awwwwww poor thing

lol echt geil

that is so funny

It is a butterfly

angry birds

owkrp, no that's a tiger, not a bobcat or lynx. it only lost its tail.

èeeeeee :O

про ежика

don t be. a citey cat

That is fucking funny

i am not seeing da bird

pintinha e que não da mal

nossa lrendjxnxjcb hx

its not a tiger, its an other cat. saw this before, they have very short tails.

oh no no tail

it looks like he shat the bird out lol

birds ATTACK :-)

про ежика


pay back is a bich


that's the bird that ate his tail

wat the heak wheres the tail

what the hell it is so stupid

Awsome talk about lunch

that scared me

I was just gonna say that about his tail

where's his tail?

ale urwal ptaszek..

soper cool

war happened to tiger's tail???

bird : how u like them apple

muy chingon el!

lmao wow that tiger freaked out!

Its just a bird CALM DOWN kitty

you ate my cousin fucker!

WHAT??? THE??? #FCK ;)

Aww!!! Kitty!!

that reminds me of Ravens vs Bengals game where Ravens pecked Bengals ass badly