Manufacture laughters

Lucas lucco

Ich denke, das kleine Mädchen hat sich sehr erschrocken!

ha so they said

cute baby and dolphins

mom: dont look back. girl: why?...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

ha look at the face

que fofo o golfinho....e ela é linda

it looks like the girl is in the tank and the dolphins are seeing her in the zoi

images funny

hahahahahahahahaha lol

wow dolphins are so cute


wat the hell get him ill hit hin

I don't get it??


ха хааа

armes baby:-*

aww poor soul

b***h quit ppl r try ing to enjoy this lol

das kind ist doof warum sollte man angst vor delfinen haben

baby finna throw down.dolhin finna skaddle

funy funy

aww she's scared ;)

haha thays funny

Aaaaah!why is it so close to me!!getitaway getitaway!

i have got a way to see if thdy are nice dunk her in there :-D

i will eat you bwanz


they are cute

lets go see the cute dolphins and they said WE ARE FAMILY EVEN THOUGH YOUR FATTER THAN ME

that so sad she wanted to see the adorable dolphins now she is scared haha very funny


what the heak!

haha little kid gettin scared by a dolphin

дети девочки

I HATE BRYAN lol dat was so dumb