Manufacture laughters


sei bellissimo


ha that is true so so true

cute dog but bad

wow, o true.

funny as hell



hi i'm BOBBY hi im bobby

uewllrlrhihrpud f

блин,а че все на англ?

you've need to get him sorted out

lol sooo cute

il et tro mimi

pensaba k.salia en el recuadro

Se que estoy visco pero soy monete a que si

سعديه سو 7

awwww...poor Guy!!!

вот я попал!

Песни 7787 ,,,

cape deeehh.

Bitte ich bin doch so süß! !

Bitte ich bin doch süß!!

Gil eigehntlich habe ich nicht alles verstanden


Heee, heeee!★★★★★

:( :( :( !!!!!!???????&₩₩₩₩₩₩₩&########0

опти льь

to funnny:)

vc é feio

At least hes admitting it, even tho he looks like he doesn't want to. How could u get mad at that face?

So wat about the van

that is UNcalled for u don't put that on a dog

Funny as hell!

That is SOOO mean

well at least he is honest lol

you need a grave made......parasite

Thats my dog!

I need this sign for Angus


Hell ya hold

Why would you do that to your dog thats sad