Manufacture laughters

loko !!!!?!!!!!??!?!?!?!!?!

Even he knows its nasty!

у магаз

you are fire

mokdonos is at burgeg king.

woot akon 2010! that guy in the ronald suit is a badass gamer too

eu adoro Resse lanche

he should be at mcdonalds

die Konkurenz schmeckt wohl besser...

der clown von mc donalds:-D

one french fries please bitch

the clown is a trader

that insilting

lol typical

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

seems ligit ;)

shouldn't he be at macas



ddiciijjj nnxxx x xbxvbdbhhhshhzbzz

this is halarious

hier het bewijs dat burger King beter is dan Mac donalds

clown at the crown guess whos fired!!!

Lol 16qu1's post is price less

lol he is a cheater

Burger King and mcds got together and had wendeys

"i wanted it my way"

OMG Wendy works there

, anothet hore

wats wrong mac?

He's Fired!!!