Manufacture laughters



fire in ass

واااااای عاااالیه gooooooooooood

lol it lit a candle

o homem tocha

oh my fuking god !! :)

Bismark valdivia molina

The fuck this sucks ass

that was a smelly one!

lol what am I look7ng at?

Der neue flammenwerfer von heute ;)

that's were all my chilly peppers went

nasty my sis bf 'tryed in our living rook next to the window and caught my pillow in fire :( itz gone!!

wouldn't want 2 be on the same bus with him...

How the fuck that nigga could do that. May be he haa gas on hes ass lol

thats wrong i can see my brother doing thatand burning that house down his farts are so bad

uuniig buu tursh gert chini gal garah ayultai shuu

smelly candle lighter


Happy turkey day

bitch describes you real good

Which number r u doing

his butt is on fire

everyone failed to notice that he lit the candle on the table. lmao

dangerous, his nuts roasting on an open fire!

be funnier if lights down there and breathes flame out his mouth!

hhaaa retard nigga

Lol thts so weird

stinky smell

Thats a nice flam thrower

wow.. thats reallt stupid


he he ...!!

wow that is stupid