Manufacture laughters

can't blame him its hot as fuck

I fan do that

Es tequila amigos

quiere agua

wtf aren't u fat enough

na da hatte wohl jemand durst

tu puedes aser eso

Wtf he is crazy you know

Jug jug jug jug

nordeste quando bate queda seca se mata a sede assim.... #fato

when you're really really hot!!


y31gd ur racist and he's not black

trink trink trink trink ....

dang he must of beeenn so dame thirsty lol u go boy

man fuck y'all that ain't funny

dehydrated much hahaha lol

Need water on those hit days in Mexico running from cartels! Arrrrrribaaa!!

i couldnt find a water baottle

try not to die

Wtf? He must be high cus blak people dont drink water without no kolaid powder in it:-)

omg aint nobody got time for thst

the Guy in the back lol sexy!!


yall r mean n stupid

oh shit fat shit

Its like the cartoons when theydrink so much their stomachs become fat from the liquid

I got nothing

0.0! 0= 0+0 o.o

molan e??? xD

heb je dorst ....???

Did u really finish the whole thing

fatas greedias

Know wounder he is fat

man is just staring at the dude

It was so sparkaly