Manufacture laughters

look at the guy charging its phone ohh wow a

you're not human if u like school

I like school

احلى طلاب العلن

student funny mask

omg what kind of school is this!?!!

pens and pencils?

very similar of my school hood

if you look at the girl in the way back she's knitting


Woulda been throwin paper ball in tht moment

pimp I need to go to yo skool

The guy on the very back that what I do! :D

my math class during a test, I charge stuff and take naps

Look at me teacher! I'm dunna det an A. I smart

haha somebodys bored

It's tyme to get outta here!

Funny video

im pretty sure thats a girl with the big ears....must be a Nunns. haha

this is my day .HA HA,I LOVE IT

that looks like my school

I see a ear

this is your day in school

weiresd ass bi

deutsch reden :-D

i acnt eveb see whats happenin

mach ich auch

look at that guys ear its huge

hAahGavac LOL


Lol thts just weired

that's just weird