Manufacture laughters

noooooooooooo :(

that's mean

sad cry cry cry cry cry

hss hindi sex storrs

stupid guy or girl

tenho odio de quem judia de gatos a minha morreu ninvenenada por gente asim

ewww it's so sad is it ok

You fucking ashole. Cats aren't food!!! CatKiller..

what the hell?! this is not fucking funny

приступ мамочки

con la comida cara no hay de otra

it called me meow,what do u exspect me to do!?

thi ls cat is so good


It called me meow!!!!

omg stupid pic.

That is sad

he is not a corn on a cob stupid

heeraram 8696052581

talk about eatin pussy

must be dieing

But im hungry

he not only kills humans but he kills cats to

a cat killer. what a fuck

thats so mean . . . GOD

nooooooooooo dont eat me

ein ,,Catwich".oder ein,,Hotcat"

superimposed dumbasses

niseme nini?

I knew he was evil

how that funny its just sick, eating a kitten its horriable

ith ammalla buzanu

busch hat hunger.lecker katze

eww so mean


new ...... hungry

non ci vedo piu dalla fame

ex president Bush eats pussy

Poor little cat

dufdfgygbjdg fhffhud

hungy ass hell

Budala i paprati nikad nestat neće.

tastes like chic filet

he must be hungry

nw av heard of hot dog nt hotcat

this cat is my dinner for to night

what does he think it is? Choose either chicken or beef