Manufacture laughters

that is so uncool

look at the when you go at the mall

what what da fuck? 0

that's on a vine

valeu mam boa giratoria

esse e o brusile

lol is tha best

how did he know!?


d dasinha rato

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he's right

like a boss seriously every one says that its not cool any more

cooler kick, oder?

ist das ein ninja oder was

??? you kick him

It looked like he kicked him in purpus

cool movie :)

ladki ko muh me do


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so behindert


kick his ass haha

he get a strong kick like a hammer in his face

stop hammer time

he be like mah face!

In your face bitch

I laughed my a off

ever got kicked out..well he sure did. kick

dang dude just got super kicked

bitches be like

you just got knocked the Fuck out

Dumm gelaufen :-)

Ive seen this before but I didnt know it wad ment to be a movie

Soo much 4 his acting career...

U just got served

omg lol that was pimp

voll in die fresse

so u think ur the shit now

where u goin

chuck noris kick

hi this is a motherf*****

funny as hell

do they really make a film

the karate kid

that is so b.a.

that is so funny

and every body was Kung Foo fighting!

holy crap what was that for

Dang tht fool *WACKED* him

yoy unen zerleg

I get down cwesy

ha ga he kurwa

i am from korea

하하하 good

fu*k, we are making film

buscar peliculAs miedo

fake. he knew the kick was coming.

altar ! kung fu ! hamma

was geht ab

Esse cara e bom heim!!

dang that foo leg was high in the air!!

kicked the heck out of him


Fast reaction

every was kungfu fighting

wat a kick««««

was he suppose to do that if so call me at 2056174237 only girls

ajá está cabron ditoooo

zeeshan aalam


haha wie der kassiert hat :D

qAsddg.dlHakfidisdptiruqufk p wrlwuwuqoewuwoqjajqirtr

stick people

geil voll in die fress

i fell like jet lie ..


he was work is done here. haha

one direction

Chuck norris's son haha

kkkk verdade

suresb 9686677963

esse devia ser policial.kkkk

Olha essa aew galera....

roundhouse kick xD

bahaha thats to funny. but i bet dude that got kicked wanted to get him back for that

nobody told him the're making a film


I luv how he just walks away like nothing happend

ya vieron q buena patada

arun halooo

your funny kid

I said don't run now look what you made me do

Que buena aflojada de dientes!

Mo ca te isciu



everybody was kung fu fighting. those kicks was fast as lightning!